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  • K3 Nutriments began long before it became a reality: K3 Nutriments' Quest for Purity in a World of Wellness

    Doug Krussel, owner of K3 Nutriments, has been deeply involved in fitness and nutrition since he was 10 years old. Starting with powerlifting, where he won three state high school titles in Nebraska, Doug later transitioned to bodybuilding. He won the Mr. Nebraska Light Heavy Weight title three times and was a runner-up at the regional level, qualifying for Nationals.

    After retiring from competitive sports in 2004, Doug continued his passion for fitness, maintaining a rigorous weightlifting routine five days a week and leveraging his experience as a health, nutrition, and competitive trainer to help others succeed. With over 11,000 workouts and 15,000 hours researching health supplements, Doug’s expertise grew from his insatiable curiosity supported by his formal study in Veterinary Medicine and his electrical degree, in addition to his lifelong interest in biology.

A Lifelong Commitment to Health and Empowerment

Inspired by the natural healing capabilities discovered through his research and further motivated by the 2020 Covid situation, Doug has dedicated himself to exploring homeopathic remedies. His commitment to a healthy lifestyle extends beyond his professional endeavors, as he follows a strict diet of natural foods and stays clear of alcohol, smoking, and drugs. His personal interests include racing cars, target practice, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Doug’s mission is to empower others with the knowledge to live healthier, longer lives, driven by his passion for uncovering nature’s remedies. In an era where the pursuit of health and longevity is often overshadowed by the quest for quick fixes and profit margins, a beacon of integrity shines through the murky waters of the supplement industry. This light is K3 Nutriments, a Midwest single-family-owned company that has anchored its values in delivering unparalleled purity and effectiveness in natural health solutions. At the core of their mission lies a profound dedication to not just slowing down aging but enhancing vitality, health, and performance for everyone-from aging athlete to everyday citizens seeking a longer, healthier life. The journey of K3 Nutriments began with a simple yet powerful conviction held by its founders-lifelong advocates for natural health solutions and exercise-who envisioned creating some of the cleanest and purest natural remedies on the planet. Their motivation was personal; they sought supplements they could trust for themselves, ensuring each product lived up to its label claims. The standards they set were nothing short of extraordinary; even their baseline products rank in the top 4% of supplements produced globally, with their medical grade line soaring into the top 1%. What distinguishes K3 Nutriments in an industry often criticized for its shortcuts is their unwavering commitment to quality over profit. While many competitors focus on maximizing profits—sometimes at the cost of incorporating unwanted fillers or dangerous additives—K3 stands firm in its ethos. Their GMP-certified factory is FDA registered, ensuring every product bottled upon order maintains utmost freshness and potency. This dedication extends beyond manufacturing processes into customer education and interaction. Unlike many companies that push products with little regard for individual needs, K3 Nutriments enriches its customers' lives with educational blogs on various health-related topics, often unrelated to their own product line. This approach signifies a genuine desire to uplift individuals' wellness journeys rather than merely selling them a solution.

The ownership group's personal engagement with customers further sets K3 apart. Offering free advice tailored to help customers reach their unique goals reflects an unmatched level of care and expertise—with over 40 years of experience and 15,000 hours dedicated to studying supplements' benefits. The three key messages from K3 Nutriments resonate deeply:

1. If it’s offered on our site, we believe in it enough to take it ourselves.

2. Our products represent the pinnacle of cleanliness and quality within the supplement world.

3. We’re not just sellers; we’re seasoned guides ready to support your wellness journey personally.

Their motto encapsulates this ethos beautifully: "Benefiting all in our journey to achieve optimal health via homeopathic remedies!"

In conclusion, amidst an ocean of profit-driven entities within the wellness industry, K3 Nutriments emerges as a lighthouse guiding towards true health sovereignty-a testament to what happens when purity meets passion in pursuit of holistic well-being.

  • About September Lee Krussel

    September, now in her 60s, is still working out 5 days a week! She is focused on anti-aging, longevity, and supporting the needs of others.

    September grew up in the Caribbean Islands. Basking in the sun all day and being one with nature, she quickly understood the importance of nature’s bounty. September is relentless in her pursuit of new and innovative solutions and curating these new solutions in the purest and most natural way. The Krussels evening conversations often revolve around the latest scientific research of natural solutions and if it is something they think needs brought to the public.

  • About Lena Krussel - President

    Lena has been a Screen Actors Guild Actress (roles in two movies) and practiced ballet dance for 10 years. Now, Lena lifts weights 3 times a week.

    A touching chapter in the K3 story is Lena’s involvement in joining her parents on this remarkable journey. Poised to take over eventually, Lena represents not only continuity but also renewal—infusing new energy while upholding the brand's cherished values. Her participation symbolizes a seamless blend of tradition and innovation, ensuring that K3 Nutriments remains at the forefront of health solutions designed for longevity.

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    "I was initially skeptical about homeopathic remedies, but K3 Nutriments changed my mind. Their focus on God's natural bounty resonates with me, and their supplements have helped me tremendously. I no longer rely on conventional medications, and I feel fantastic! Thank you, K3 Nutriments, for helping me achieve optimal health!"

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