K3 Nutriments Announces Exciting Sponsorship of Arkangel Racing's Underground Racing built Twin Turbo Audi R8

K3 Nutriments Announces Exciting Sponsorship of Arkangel Racing's Underground Racing built Twin Turbo Audi R8

For Immediate Release

Omaha, NE — May 1, 2024 — K3 Nutriments, a leader in performance nutrition supplements, is thrilled to announce its official sponsorship of Arkangel Racing for the upcoming and potentially future racing seasons. This partnership marks a significant step in bringing together the pinnacle of human and automotive performance, showcasing the synergy between optimal nutrition and engineering excellence.

A Partnership Driven by Performance

K3 Nutriments and Arkangel Racing are united by a shared passion for peak performance and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Just as athletes require premium supplementation to achieve their best, high-performance racing cars need precise enhancements to reach unparalleled speeds. This partnership is a testament to the shared values and commitment to excellence that both K3 Nutriments and Arkangel Racing embody.

"The Arkangel Racing team and their phenomenal Audi R8, with its signature Riviera Blue color and groundbreaking horsepower for a stock block, exemplify the same principles of high performance that we champion at K3 Nutriments," said Lena Krussel, President of K3 Nutriments. "This car isn’t just a machine; it’s the fastest production block R8 on the planet, symbolizing our drive towards unrivaled excellence and innovation."

Fueling the Fastest Factory Stock Block R8 on Earth

The Underground Racing's Built Twin Turbo Audi R8 sponsored by K3 Nutriments is no ordinary vehicle. With an extraordinary, but top-secret, amount of horsepower at the wheels, it is designed to shatter limits and deliver extraordinary results, mirroring the benefits that K3 Nutriments provides to its customers through cutting-edge nutritional supplements.

"Our sponsorship of Arkangel Racing is more than just a collaboration; it's a reflection of our commitment to advancing performance, whether on the track or in everyday life. We are excited to support a team that understands the importance of optimization and precision in achieving top results." ~ Lena Krussel, President of K3 Nutriments

K3 Nutriments is excited for the upcoming season.

Looking Forward to a High-Octane Season

As the racing season approaches, K3 Nutriments and Arkangel Racing are looking forward to demonstrating the power of a perfect synergy between advanced nutritional science and elite automotive engineering. This partnership promises to highlight the critical role of performance optimization in both human endeavors and mechanical engineering.

"Join us in following this thrilling endeavor with Arkangel Racing," added Lena Krussel. "Together, we are set to redefine the boundaries of speed and performance on and off the track."

About K3 Nutriments

K3 Nutriments is a premier provider of nutritional supplements that empower individuals to achieve optimal health and performance. Founded by a family who are passionate advocates for innovative health solutions, K3 Nutriments supports athletes and health enthusiasts in reaching their fitness goals through superior product quality and educational resources.

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